JCPenney vs. Susan G. Komen: How (& How Not) to Handle a Marketing Debacle

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Re: social media minefields
alizasherman   2/16/2012 2:16:21 PM

Yes to facing it head-on, but not being so headstrong that you can't "see the forest for the trees." Right?

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Re: social media minefields
smkinoshita   2/16/2012 1:24:34 PM

It looks like when faced with trouble, the best thing to do is face it head-on.  Hiding burned Carnival too, while Moisés Chiullan recovered the Avenger controller PR disaster by taking questions and comments using Reddit.

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We're supposed to be able to laugh at ourselves. There are just some things that aren't funny on a public stage.

Ellis Booker
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Here's a recent story that was resolved even quicker than the SBK one. Target pulled from its shelves a Valentine's Day card that made a joke about stalking.

The source of the uproar, which started on Twitter, is nearly as interesting: Former porn actress Ginger Lee, most famously known as the one who went public about then Congressman Anthony Weiner prodding her to lie about their online relationship. Ms. Lee, herself a victim of a stalker for the past two years, said: "I can't believe a multinational company that says they are involved in the community is making light of a terrible thing like stalking."

The card, which on the front read "stalker is a harsh word" has on the inside the words, "i prefer valentine."


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Social Pr
impactnow   2/16/2012 12:47:04 PM

Social media can quickly elicit a firestorm and yes it can quickly die down but the flames can be rapidly fire up again as seen with Netflix last year. The key for companies is to understand how to manage social media with Pr experts versus in managing social PR.

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social media minefields
infinity   2/16/2012 11:55:56 AM

Social media can be a bit like a minefield, especially for well-known entities. One false step and the net unleashes its fury of thousands of anonymous voices. The nice thing is, next week those same furious folks are usually onto something else.

JCP handled things well by not lashing back against the moms; this certainly will help take the sting away a bit.

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