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Capture Good Ideas Wherever They Arise
Mitch Wagner  
5/31/2011   (19) comments
Use tools for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone to be sure you never forget -- oh, darn, I forgot what else I was going to say.
Online Ad Market Growing & Changing
Keith Dawson  
5/31/2011   (5) comments
Google has overtaken Yahoo as the display ad leader.
Why Content Pirates Will Win
Scott Kinoshita  
5/31/2011   (35) comments
The pirate market will inevitability develop – it's best to adapt now.
Technology & Customer Engagement at the Museum
Ariella Brown  
5/30/2011   (20) comments
The American Museum of Natural History is not yet getting the most out of its tech.
Google Wallet Steals a March on Apple
Keith Dawson  
5/27/2011   (8) comments
Google Wallet and Offers will become an important part of the world marketers live in.
New TV: We'll Never Leave the Couch Again
Mitch Wagner  
5/27/2011   (25) comments
Our blogger joins television in the 21st Century.
Rewriting a Century of Marketing Rules
Ellis Booker  
5/27/2011   (9) comments
Can you do 60 effective marketing presentations in 60 minutes? The organizers of M.Tech 2011 found out.
What Twitter's TweetDeck Acquisition Means for Marketers
Mitch Wagner  
5/26/2011   (5) comments
Twitter shows its power-users the love.
Marketing in Times of Economic Fragility
Keith Dawson  
5/26/2011   (23) comments
Buddy, can you spare a couple of kilobucks?
Marketers Need a Common Web Analytics Language
Alyson Behr  
5/26/2011   (13) comments
Common terms like "bounce rate" mean different things to different marketers. That needs to change.
Square Is Hot, but Not Ready to Rule
Mitch Wagner  
5/25/2011   (9) comments
The mobile payments company wants to conquer retail, but it's got thin resources and a lot of competition.
Getting Started With QR Codes
Chris S. Vargas  
5/25/2011   (38) comments
Those funny-looking checkerboard patterns are popping up on movie posters, magazines, canned food, and more.
What Marketers Are Doing With Mobile
Keith Dawson  
5/24/2011   (16) comments
QR codes are coming on fast, our quick poll confirms.
Apple Makes Mobile & Brick-and-Mortar Gel
Mitch Wagner  
5/24/2011   (4) comments
Apple is using dedicated iPads and its iPhone retail app to improve shopping at Apple Stores.
Museums Struggle to Balance Brand Identity With Innovation
Ariella Brown  
5/24/2011   (30) comments
How Disneyfied can a venerable museum get without risking its authenticity?
Governments Stepping Up Privacy Scrutiny
Keith Dawson  
5/23/2011   (9) comments
The circus atmosphere is not conducive to any laws actually getting onto the books.
Corporate Watchdogs Put McDonald's in the Deep Fryer
Mitch Wagner  
5/23/2011   (15) comments
Anti-corporate marketing is getting increasingly sophisticated.
How to Succeed at Green Marketing
Kelly Griffin  
5/23/2011   (14) comments
Emphasizing benefits is the way to win customers.
CMO U:The Next Hot Thing(s)
Keith Dawson  
5/20/2011   (7) comments
The CMO Site's expert places his bets on upcoming marketing trends.
Business Blogging Basics
Mitch Wagner  
5/20/2011   (19) comments
Blogging establishes your expertise and connects you with customers. Here's how to get started doing it right.
Make Your Website Reflect Your Identity
Susan Fourtané  
5/20/2011   (28) comments
A good Website is part of your brand and helps project a professional image.
Google's Marketing Problem
Mitch Wagner  
5/19/2011   (16) comments
Google has historically been contemptuous of marketing, but there are hopeful signs of change.
Bing & Facebook, Sittin' in a Tree...
Keith Dawson  
5/19/2011   (16) comments
Microsoft just got a big leg up on Google.
Bitcoins Could Lead to Marketing Upheaval
John Barnes  
5/19/2011   (9) comments
Predictions that the digital bitcoin virtual currency will topple governments are exaggerated. But bitcoins could topple marketing as it's currently practiced.
CMO U: Measuring What Matters in Social Media
Keith Dawson  
5/18/2011   (1) comment
CMO University digs into what's measurable on the social side.
Surprisingly, the Yellow Pages Aren't Dead
Mitch Wagner  
5/18/2011   (17) comments
They're still useful marketing platforms for high-priced, high-touch services. Also for propping things up.
Starbucks Milks Mobile & Social Media
Ariella Brown  
5/18/2011   (49) comments
Translating Facebook Likes into dollars.
Facebook Blunders From One Success to Another
Mitch Wagner  
5/17/2011   (9) comments
Phishing scams, PR fiascoes, arbitrary page takedowns -- Zuckerberg has to get his house in order.
Big Data Will Fuel the Next Wave of Innovation
Keith Dawson  
5/17/2011   (8) comments
Assuming we can overcome those pesky obstacles...
When Scandal Erupted on YouTube, McDonald's Tweeted Back
David F. Carr  
5/17/2011   (19) comments
Devastated by video showing a transgender woman being beaten in a Baltimore McDonald's, the company tried to answer critics online.
Marketing Lessons From the Facebook-Google Smear Campaign
Mitch Wagner  
5/16/2011   (3) comments
Why would any sensible marketer hire Burson-Marsteller?
This Week at CMO U: Analytics & the Next Hot Thing
Keith Dawson  
5/16/2011   (1) comment
Learn from marketing masters this week in CMO University, here at The CMO Site.
Getting Revealing Results From Messy Data
John Barnes  
5/16/2011   (9) comments
Hierarchical clustering in action.
Facebook Denies Intent to Smear Google
Keith Dawson  
5/13/2011   (13) comments
Everyone agrees that more transparency is better -- next time.
CMO U: Web & Email Marketing Not Dead Yet
Mitch Wagner  
5/13/2011   (4) comments
Web and email marketing are the hub for newer marketing channels, according to the latest class at CMO University.
How to Fight Buyer's Remorse
Mike Elgan  
5/13/2011   (20) comments
Don't let your customers feel as if buying your product were a mistake.
Email, Facebook Command Marketing Budgets
Keith Dawson  
5/12/2011   (6) comments
Email, Facebook, and Web marketing surpass TV ads in our latest unscientific poll.
Bravo Restaurants Increase Sales With Online Ordering
Mitch Wagner  
5/12/2011   (11) comments
In addition to online ordering, the Bravo Cucina Italiana chain is experimenting with taking orders on Facebook and considering a mobile app.
Hydration & Hype: Water's Marketing Mystique
Ariella Brown  
5/12/2011   (11) comments
Plain, ordinary water comes in three basic options, and each is marketed as the best choice for the individual and the environment.
Environmentalist: Sell Values First, Facts Second
Mitch Wagner  
5/11/2011   (8) comments
An environmental group's struggles to sell its cause provides a lesson for all marketers.
The Present & Future of Mobile Marketing
Keith Dawson  
5/11/2011   (6) comments
CMO University looks beyond apps and SMS coupons to QR codes, geofencing, and Near Field Communication.
Good Web Design Is Essential to Your Marketing
Susan Fourtané  
5/11/2011   (46) comments
All the SEO in the world won't help if bad design drives visitors away.
GM Faces Social Campaign to Revive the El Camino 'Mullet Car'
Mitch Wagner  
5/10/2011   (5) comments
GM is getting pressure from an auto enthusiast blog to revive the iconic Chevrolet El Camino.
Apple Dethrones Google as the World's Top Brand
Keith Dawson  
5/10/2011   (20) comments
Six of the top ten brands are tech companies, according to a recent ranking.
YouTube Founders Snap Up Social Media Analytics Company
Ellis Booker  
5/10/2011   (10) comments
They bought this week, following the purchase of from Yahoo two weeks ago.
This Week at CMO U: Mobile, Web & Email Marketing
Keith Dawson  
5/9/2011   (4) comments
Learn from marketing masters this week in CMO University, here at The CMO Site.
Caesars Bets on Mobile Check-Ins
Mitch Wagner  
5/9/2011   (9) comments
Customers who check in on Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla, or Instagram get loyalty points.
Marketing to the Teen Shopper
Ariella Brown  
5/9/2011   (17) comments
Kids. Malls. They go together.
CMO U: Enhancing the Brand
Keith Dawson  
5/6/2011   (6) comments
Brands have a new, unwritten contract with customers in the social media era.
You Can Learn a Lot From a Dummy
John Barnes  
5/6/2011   (3) comments
Dummy variables are a powerful analytics tool, but be careful how you use them. Two Catholics plus 11 Methodists do not equal five Lutherans.
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leadership reports
Getting the Most from Mobile Marketing
The CMO Site, The CMO Site
The proliferation of smartphones and tablet devices presents new opportunities and challenges for marketers to reach customers where they are and when they’re ready to buy. Apps, the mobile Web, social check-ins, geofencing, and mobile ad standards are among the tools marketers need to master in this new world. Learn how to use new mobile technology effectively and avoid its hazards.
CMO videos
GM's Customer Focus
How GM uses customer metrics and analytics.


(1992) comments
Del Mar Races to Win
How the racetrack uses social and mobile marketing


(183) comments
Social Media Resolutions
Ideas for social media marketing in 2012.


(145) comments
My Viral Tweet
What marketers can learn from a tweet.


(29) comments
Trikkes & Marketing
Retailers face three options in 2012.


(356) comments
Mobile Marketing Is Hard
Meet's Price Check app.


(124) comments
Neither Snow Nor Rain
The USPS plans to curtail mail delivery.


(30) comments
Careful With Foursquare
Mitch Wagner trips over his own feet.


(145) comments
Community Is 'Where It's At'
If brands want their names to stick they need to ...


(35) comments
Twitter Upgrades
Twitter is now more useful for brands.


(62) comments
Fonts Mean Brands
Mess with your font at your peril.


(141) comments
CMOs Need More Customer Time
CMOs are missing the opportunity to get info ...


(177) comments
Behavioral Ads
Marketers are losing on behavioral advertising.


(145) comments
'Moneyball' Marketing
"Moneyball," the new Brad Pitt baseball movie, is ...


(278) comments
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Charlotte Blank
General Motors: Keeping the Customer at the Center

2|29|12   |   2:34   |   (1992) comments

How the carmaker uses metrics and analytics to track all the proliferating information streams it has on customers, from social media, real life, and more.
Craig Dado
Del Mar Races to Win at Social, Mobile Marketing

2|15|12   |   1:54   |   (183) comments

Craig Dado, senior vice president of marketing for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, describes how the racetrack uses social and mobile marketing to attract a younger, female demographic.
Mitch Wagner
Social Media Marketing Resolutions

1|25|12   |   4:25   |   (145) comments

Ideas for boosting B2B social media marketing in 2012.
Mitch Wagner
My Viral Tweet

1|18|12   |   2:54   |   (29) comments

What marketers can learn from a tweet that went viral.
Mitch Wagner
Trikkes & the Future of Retail Marketing

1|9|12   |   3:41   |   (356) comments

Retailers face three options in 2012: Go low on price, go high on service, or go out of business.
Mitch Wagner
Looking 5 Years Ahead in Marketing

12|21|11   |   3:51   |   (112) comments

IBM made five predictions for the future in its annual 5 in 5 projection, and three of them are relevant to marketing.
Mitch Wagner
Mobile Makes Retail Marketing Harder

12|19|11   |   3:01   |   (124) comments's recent Price Check app heralds the beginning of a new era of creative destruction for brick-and-mortar retailers.
Keith Dawson
Neither Snow Nor Rain

12|13|11   |   02:18   |   (30) comments

As the US Postal Service prepares to curtail mail delivery, marketers relying on first class will have to plan more carefully and, over time, move into other channels.
Mitch Wagner
Don’t Embarrass Yourself on Foursquare

12|12|11   |   04:26   |   (145) comments

Editor-in-chief Mitch Wagner trips over his own feet trying to use a Foursquare discount, in a tale with a lesson for brands.
CMO Video
Community Is 'Where It's At'

11|15|11   |   2:27   |   (35) comments

Is a massive, three-day industry event featuring A-list speakers like Bill Clinton and Malcolm Gladwell the right approach for a company seeking to generate awareness of its brand? Steve thinks that goes part of the way, but if brands want their names to stick they need to build communities.
Mitch Wagner
Twitter Upgrades Activity Streams

11|9|11   |   2:42   |   (62) comments

Twitter improved its home page to make it more useful for brands looking to find influencers to engage with.
Keith Dawson
Fonts Mean Brands

10|31|11   |   3:12   |   (141) comments

Once you associate a font with your brand, you mess with it at your peril.
Mitch Wagner
IBM Study: CMOs Need More One-on-One Customer Time

10|20|11   |   2:21   |   (177) comments

CMOs rely on aggregate data for customer preferences and are missing the opportunity to get one-on-one information through social media and other resources, according to a study of 1,734 CMOs conducted by IBM. Watch a Webinar presenting the findings, and get a copy of the report for yourself.
Keith Dawson
Behavioral Ads: Getting Back in the Conversation

10|18|11   |   2:54   |   (145) comments

Surveys show that marketers are losing the mindshare battle on the benefits of behavioral advertising – and they need to rejoin that conversation.
Mitch Wagner
'Moneyball' Marketing

10|14|11   |   3:00   |   (278) comments

"Moneyball," the new Brad Pitt baseball movie, is one every marketer should see. It's not just about relying on metrics and analytics over gut feelings, it's also about relying on the right metrics and analytics.